Best Physical Therapists in Omaha
  • We believe in treating the individual - individually.  You and only you have our attention.  There are no other clients during your appointment. 

  • We believe in teaching the individual - not only why they have the pain but even more so how to move correctly to help them avoid chronic pain or acute injuries.  Giving them the tools they need to move past their pain and injury.

  • We believe in continuing to educate and improve ourselves.  Clinicians must further their education to best treat all patients.


Dynamic Physical Therapy is owned and operated by husband and wife team Tammy and Andrew Consbruck.  Tammy and Andrew met in 1997 while attending Creighton University. They live in Gretna and have 2 young children, Hunter and Lauren.

Andrew holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree and Tammy holds a Doctor of Occupational Therapy both from Creighton University.  After graduating Tammy and Andrew worked separately in their perspective fields until 2013 when they came together to open Dynamic Physical Therapy.


Andrew is a current member of the Gretna Optimist Club, Gretna Chamber of Commerce and Gretna Events Committee. Andrew is honored with the times he helps Creighton University School of allied health and sciences with prospective physical therapy student interviews.

In addition to supporting Andrew in the business and community service commitments Tammy enjoys spending time with their children and is an avid runner.  As a member and co-captain of Creighton University's Cross Country team her junior/senior years Tammy had great success.



Nate Dickes holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  Nate has accumulated a wide variety of experiences in many different clinical settings, focusing on orthopedic injury management and educating clients on the mechanisms of pain.  Nate also has a special interest in running and youth sports and works to stay up to date with the latest research to provide the best quality of care to his clients.

Nate and his wife Jessie live in Gretna and have 4 children that keep them all together quite busy.  Nate is an active member of the Saint Patrick’s Knights of Columbus Council.  He particularly enjoys coaching his children’s youth sports teams, running races with his wife, Jessie, and vacationing with his family.


At Dynamic Physical Therapy our one patient – one therapist philosophy extends not only to your first visit but to each and every visit.  You will receive services from the same skilled physical therapist at each visit.  Open and fluid communication between you and your therapist is the key to us understanding how your condition is affecting your life so in turn we can teach you how to restore function and get back to it. 

Our care and treatment plans for you are developed on your individual needs.   Your first visit will last approximately one hour and will allow us the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate your injury or pain.


Musculoskeletal pain including but not limited to: acute and/or chronic pain

  • bursitis

  • tendonitis

  • joint pain

  • neck and back pain

  • jaw pain

Neurological deficits including:

  • gait

  • balance

  • posture

  • breathing

  • alignment

  • recovery from stroke

Pre/Post Orthopedic Surgical Care for:

  • hips

  • knees

  • ankles

  • shoulders

  • back/neck

Postural Restoration

Over the last 2 years, Andrew has devoted a great deal of his time to learning the practice of Postural Restoration.  This treatment is based on the way irregularities in the symmetry of our bodies can greatly affect posture and movement and ultimately what we perceive as pain. 

These imbalances limit our function because our muscles and joints are unable to move within their normal range due to restrictions within our soft tissue and bones. Restoring our postural balance requires retraining our body’s neurological and muscular memory trough physical therapy treatment program.  Dynamic Physical Therapy integrates this knowledge into our patient treatment plans.

Andrew will be sitting for his PRC certification in 2016.  For more information on Postural Restoration please visit the Postural Restoration Institute website.